Is it a bubble?

September 25, 2007

I guess the simple answer is yes. We are in a bubble. The only question is how long will it take for it to burst.

I can’t believe that any VC gave 6.5M$ to a company that was founded by a 6th year old. If this kid is actually running the show then they must be out of their minds. If he is just a front, a way to get the blogsphere to talk about that – well they have managed to do that.

I went to this panel on web 2.0 the other day and met a guy that has a start up. He and 2 of his friends have an idea¬†for something, but only one of them is a developer so they outsource the development work to India. These guys have an idea so they outsource the work. That’s a smart move. That’s pure .com all over again. Going back to the basics – the core competency is something that you do in house. The work that is commodity – that is the thing that you outsource. If everything that they do is commodity – why start up in the first place?

But I guess it’s just me