And here’s another

October 1, 2007

Following my last post – here is another site that is aimed at aggregating shared items from friends – friendfeed.
The problem with it (other than the fact it will also not create the standard) is that it requires you to provide your password to every site. Do they really expect people to do that? There is no way that I am going to provide my password to them (or facebook, plaxo, …).
Seems like many sites are asking for it recently. Since they all ask for it, it may mean that people are actually doing it.


too many seperate applications

October 1, 2007

Social Networks, email, IM, voice, unified communications, SMS, VOIP and more.

Each one is made up of two many systems that are doing the same thing – each trying to dominate the market. There has to be something that would connect all of them together and will create the standard. Once they can all talk to each other then market domination will no longer be important. There are quite a few start-ups that aim to do that today – xobni, orgoo and more. Is any one of them doing a good enough job to unify everything? I don’t think so. There is a great potential to democratize the web on this