it’s not me, it’s facebook

October 17, 2007

I sent Scoble a friend invitation on facebook and he ignored me. I really want to see how he’s using facebook. After a day I started following his twitter and 2 minutes later he started following mine (which is very lame). I thought I am not cool enough – after all he has over 4000 friends, so why not me?

I now realized that it really wasn’t me, it was the 5000 friends limit in facebook. So I am still cool 🙂


facebook applications

October 13, 2007

I am playing with facebook applications for some time now, but still don’t quite get it. I did find a couple of nice ones that use the social network abilities, but most are just stupid games. But now I know that I am not alone. Robert Scoble, who’s a huge facebook fan just said the same thing. So now the only point is – go create next gen facebook app.

facebook vs. linkedin

October 13, 2007

I just witnessed what the difference between LinkedIn and Facebook is all about. I searched for Guy Kawasaki in both networks. In LinkedIn he has 225 contacts and I am 3 hops from him. On facebook he has 2774 friends and I am 6 hops from him. I guess that’s it’s not only the number of connections that you have, but rather type of people that you have as contacts.

Would be interesting to see how LinkedIn would work as a platform that would allow developing applications

officially web 2.0

September 29, 2007

I am on facebook – and checks it out 10 times a day.

I am on Twitter – but only updated it twice. I guess I need more frineds on Twitter to start following in order to really enjoy it. Maybe I would follow Scoble, he seems to enjoy people following him. He will follow me if I follow him…
I have a blog. It is still pretty lame, but it’s a start.
I have an idea for a facebook application – connect twitter to facebook. There are some apps that do that, but none is too good. I guess I need to learn php. Well, that’s going to be fun

First steps into facebook

September 25, 2007

I got into facebook.

I figured out that the only way to really understand what it’s all about it to just do it. Immediately I got 3 friend requests. That was cool. I have friends. Soon after somebody sent me a drink. Wow! I got a drink! Now what? I can also send this drink to somebody else? That’s so cool. Why didn’t I think of that before?

And then I find out that many facebook apps are coming from this one company who’s making millions on it. Is it just me, or that does not make sense?

Then I wanted to have some other applications. I read Guy Kawasaki’s post on halo 3 launch and realize that zombies is an application with 4.5 Million downloads. So I have to get myself one of these. I install it and it turns out that I now have a zombie and I can attack other people who have zombies. Wow! Why didn’t I think of that?
Do people really use that?