1st post

So I started  a blog. I guess it’s the same question for everyone that starts their own blog – how to start.

I am trying to understand web 2.0 in a more practical way. I have been reading about it for a long time, playing with SOA, SaaS, AJAX, Silverlight, mashups, popfly and more, but I understand that without actually blogging and going into facebook I will never get it.

So what’s my point in this blog? I look at it as a sort of way to think out load. I don’t really expect people to read it (except for the occasional track back related visitor). It’s just a way for me to talk to myself and try to make some sense.

The question would be what happens when I have something to write about that I don’t want to occasional visitor to see? What about ideas for a start up? I am still not sure about that. Will have to wait and see

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